Future Sustainability at BSAS 2023

Laura Tennant, Juliette Wilms and Aaron Brown will be sharing their expertise at this year's BSAS conference on the theme of Sustainable Youngstock Feeding and Management.

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Early life nutrition

Trouw Nutrition are proud sponsors of the Future Sustainability - Young Stock Feeding and Management session on Wednesday 30th March. The session will be chaired by Dr Laura Tennant, Young Animal Feed Technical Advisor at Trouw Nutrition GB.

Invited Speaker:

Juliette Wilms | Trouw Nutrition R&D | How to manage liquid feeding to ensure health and welfare of dairy calves ?

Abstract Presentations:

S. Icely | The effect of supplementary milk withdrawal on piglet pre-weaning creep consumption

Aaron J. Brown | Trouw Nutrition Ireland : The impact of plane of nutrition and ambient temperature on the energy utilisation, performance, health and behaviour of newborn dairy-bred bull calves

H. M. Vickery | Understanding how goat kids feed from a computerised ad libitum milk feeder

F. Dunshea | Essential oils can reduce enteric methane emission from second cross lambs

J. Sveinbjörnsson | Reducing the proportion of small lambs in a seasonal lamb production system

Chair: Laura Tennant
Speakers: Juliette Wilms