CAB Corrector

Product Code 11067825                         Pack Size 25kg

Mineral and vitamin supplement containing soyabean meal, Levucell SC rumen specific live yeast with patented TITAN protection technology to optimise rumen function and dry matter intakes, essential oils and biotin, plus a full range of minerals and vitamins, to help support a healthy transition into lactation.


  • Ideal for in calf cows and heifers during the final 3 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Anionic salts and an optimal balance of calcium and magnesium help to reduce the risk of milk fever, difficult calvings and retained cleansings.
  • Soyabean meal helps to support the growth of the unborn calf and development of the udder in preparation for colostrum production and early lactation yields.
  • Copper sulphate free ; inclusion of IntelliBond Copper ensures that rumen function and NDF digestibility is optimised to support metabolic health during transition as well as vitamin E stability where there is risk of retained cleansings and metritis.
  • Highly bioavailable trace mineral sources; independent university research has shown IBC and IBZ to have 1.96 and 2.04 times greater relative bioavailability (RBV) when compared to inorganic sources. Increased bioavailability helps to support immunity, udder health, and overall performance in the run up to calving.
  • Optimin organic trace minerals further optimise trace mineral supply to the animal.
  • Optimin SeY , a premium quality selenium has been proven to improve antioxidant defences and immune support, reduce the risk of mastitis, lower somatic cell counts, and improve selenium transfer from cow to calf to support improved vigour
  • Levucell SC rumen specific live yeast with patented TITAN protection technology helps to optimise rumen function and dry matter intakes.
  • Blend of essential oils helps to support stress responses and immunity.
  • Meets vitamin E requirements of dry cows, where the addition of AOmix R provides the animal with extra antioxidant capacity to support performance during periods of high stress in the run up to calving.


  • Crude protein 34.6%
  • Calcium 11.7%
  • Phosphorus 1.7%
  • Magnesium 3%
  • Sodium 1%

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