Knowing the carbon footprint of your raw materials is key to calculating the carbon footprint of the compound feed and/or blends you produce. Ultimately farmers will need to know the carbon footprint of their inputs to accurately calculate the carbon footprint of their products produced and sold e.g. per kg milk, per kg meat or kg eggs produced. This is the first step along that path.


MyFeedPrint will allow you to efficiently and accurately calculate the impact factors based on your input data for each raw material from:

  • Country of origin
  • Distanced travelled
  • Mode of transport
  • Energy used for production





Using this data you can:

  • Calculate overall carbon footprint of the mill
  • Report a figure per tonne of compound/ blend produced
  • Provide accurate data to farmers and processors when required
  • Make informed purchasing decisions based on sustainability metrics

MyFeedPrint will allow you to assess and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint as our knowledge and tools in the area of sustainability develop.

If you are interested in using MyFeedPrint please contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable partner.



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