Bryn Perry Speaker Biography

Ewenique Dairy

Bryn Perry is a first-generation tenant farmer from Pembrokeshire. Initially completing a degree in Business Management, he came to agriculture later in life after moving to Wales in 2017. Starting on a fantastic organic dairy farm and gaining experience over 4 years before being lucky enough to secure a council farm tenancy in Pembrokeshire. Now running a flock of 80 milking ewes milking once a day from grass. Milk is processed into award winning cheese by Bryn, under their brand Ewenique Dairy. As part of his drive towards sustainability he also launched Wales first and only Vodka made using the byproduct whey for cheese making. Ewe Whey Vodka has gone on to win the World Vodka Masters in 2023.
Bryn has focused on establishing a sustainable sheep dairy system focusing on maximising grass potential with zero artificial fertilisers. Lambs are also left to run with their mums for the first 30-35 days or until approximately 2.5 times birth weight. He hopes to create a system that will create the potential for threatened but critical smaller family farms to thrive into the future.

Milk is processed into cheese and ice cream by their brand Ewenique Dairy. They recently launched Wales' first and only Ewe Whey Vodka under Ewenique Spirits who were recently shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the Wales Food & Drink Awards.

Bryn was part of Farming Connect's 2021 Agri Academy winning the Business and Innovation Challenge and recently received the Brynle Williams Memorial Award for young farmers.

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