Help to Protect TMR from Costly Spoilage with Selko-TMR

The moment that silage is exposed to the air and combined with further ingredients to make a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), the complete feed is at risk of deterioration.

Microbial populations within the ration utilise energy and protein in the feed, they rapidly multiply and can significantly reduce the nutrient density of the diet.

Selko-TMR, sold by Trouw Nutrition GB, is a non-corrosive synergistic blend of buffered organic acids. The formulation focuses on inhibiting aerobic fermentation of the TMR, processed feeds and silage by helping to control the growth of spoilage microorganisms, specifically yeasts.

Stabilising the ration preserves the nutritive value of the feed whilst also working to help to secure palatability and feed intakes. All of these aspects help to support animal health and performance whilst helping to minimise feed wastage.

For further information regarding Selko-TMR please contact a member of the Feed Additives Team.