CerealWatch - September 2014

CerealWatch 2014 – Quality good but wheat variable compared with 2013

Trouw Nutrition GB are currently undertaking CerealWatch - a nationwide survey of new crop feed wheat and barley quality. This survey project has been carried out annually since 2012, looking at the differences in nutrient content within and between harvest years and their impact on animal performance.

Using our in house NIR expertise and energy equations developed through extensive research in each species, we are analysing samples from all over the UK for nutrient content in order to assess and monitor trends in nutritional quality which can impact the value of cereals, nutritionally and thus financially, for pigs, poultry and ruminants.

Our first monthly report has found that the samples received to date for both wheat and barley are indicating that the quality of the 2014 crop is good. Bushel weights, starch and crude protein averages are all good with predicted energy values across all species reflecting expected matrix values. However, when compared with the 2013 harvest, starch content of wheat samples analysed to date is up with protein values lower than last year. This should therefore be considered when formulating rations, as such variation will impact the energy content of the wheat.

For further information on CerealWatch, and to discuss the results and their implications in more detail, please get in touch with a member of the Trouw Nutrition GB technical team.