Healthy Gut Key
Sow Performance


10 July 2014

A Healthy Gut is Key to Sow Performance

As sow prolificacy continues to increase and producers strive to hit the magical 30 pigs per sow marker, the impact on piglet performance and sow longevity is not always as positive. Increasing litter size means more low birthweight piglets and an increased metabolic drain on the sow during lactation. This typically manifests as lower weaning weights, greater numbers of unviable piglets at birth and weaning and an increase in sow condition loss during lactation which will have a negative impact on subsequent reproductive performance.

Research has shown there to be a link between a healthy sow gut microflora and sow productivity. Additionally, a healthy flora will result in a decrease in the potential for pathogen transfer to the piglet via the faeces. Selko Presan-FX, sold by Trouw Nutrition GB, is a synergistic blend of ingredients developed to stabilise and support the gut microflora.  It has been shown in a number of trials to stimulate sow feed intake during lactation, reduce sow weight loss and improve piglet weaning weight when included in the lactation feed.

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