CerealWatch - October 2014

CerealWatch 2014 – Regional Differences in Results Evident

In our second CerealWatch bulletin for the 2014 harvest, we now report on data from a sample set of over 300 submitted from across the UK. Results to date continue to indicate good wheat and barley quality with good bushel weights, high starch and acceptable protein content.

As more samples have been submitted and analysed, evidence has emerged of regional variation. In particular, protein content of wheat appears to vary significantly by region and this should be accommodated for in feed formulation. In areas where protein is low, amino acid profiles need to be adjusted in the formulation matrix which will potentially increase feed cost. Correctly adjusting the energy value of the wheat can however help offset this issue.

For ruminants, current data is showing that compared with the equivalent level of wheat in the diet, each kg of barley will support 0.1l of milk per head per day less, based on the difference in energy value. The variation seen in energy content of cereal samples submitted equates to a difference of approximately 0.3 litres/h/d. Variation in starch levels will also have a potential impact on rumen health.

For further information and to discuss the full set of results in more detail, please contact the Trouw Nutrition GB Technical Team.