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Quality Nutrition from day 1: the key to lifetime performance

With the genetic advancement of increased litter size, sows are unable to produce sufficient milk to meet the maximum growth potential of the whole litter. This can result in a lack of uniformity across litters, only worsened by sibling competition where lighter weight piglets are unable to access adequate milk for survival, leading to increased piglet losses.

Trouw Nutrition has developed Milkiwean Yoghurt, a complementary feed for offering during the suckling period to help balance the nutritional demands of the young pig. It contains 3 x higher dry matter than regular milk replacers and is formulated to support digestive function and specifically designed to avoid over consumption.

Milkiwean Yoghurt - Higher Performance - Higher Profitability




The benefits of Milkiwean Yoghurt

  • Improved litter uniformity and weaning weight
  • Reduced days to slaughter
  • Ideal support for larger litters
  • Feed from day 1 for maximum benefit



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Use as part of the LifeStart programme

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For further information contact the Trouw Nutrition GB Pig Team