April 2014

Pig and Poultry Fair 13 - 15 May 2014

Pig and Poultry LogoThe Poultry Team will be at Stand 54 on 13-14 May 2014 to meet with customers and discuss poultry nutrition, premixes and products.  Featured products will include Presan FY for gut health, Selko pH for water quality, and Trouw AO Mix, the cost effective vitamin E replacer. The Poultry Team will also be discussing Nutri-Opt®, the new integrated NIR / feed formulation / broiler performance package, which is all about maximising profit.

Don't forget to visit Stand 54 to meet the Trouw Nutrition GB Poultry Team, where there will also be an easy-to-enter draw where the prize is an iPad.

Register for Fast Track Entry

The British Pig & Poultry Fair is a free business event.  However visitors must complete a registration form to gain entry.  Registration for fast track entry to the 2014 Fair is now open. Click here to register now.


Beak tipping is likely to be banned from 2016

Due to the likelihood of the banning of beak tipping, producers are concerned about the possible rise in feather pecking and cannibalism. We are contacted regularly about the possible role of nutrition in feather pecking.

Our view is that feather pecking is a multi-factorial problem, usually indicating a level of stress (which may in turn be linked to disease, management, environment etc.) in birds. A simple nutritional deficiency, such as salt, or essential amino acids, is very rarely the cause. 

Research studies have shown an association with fibre in the diet; and options for boosting fibre include a branded product, or use of raw materials with structure and the right particle size.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has produced an explanatory memorandum.  Read More

For more information or help on nutrition and feather pecking, please contact Roger Farley or Sarah Rennie.


Superdosing with phytase enzymes – worth considering in broilers?

Use of phytase enzymes (of which there are many) is universal in broiler production. The results of new research work from Nutreco throws light on the complex interactions between dietary calcium, phosphorus and phytase in broilers and clarifies the economics.  For example, growth responses may be seen with x3 standard phytase inclusion, but is this economically worthwhile?

For more information, please contact John Ward.

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