June 2014

Developments in Precision Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition GB Poultry Team have recently incorporated add-ons for phytase and fibre structure into their feed formulation programme BOSS. These unique add-ons have been developed by Nutreco from nutritional research to fine tune commercial feed formulations.

For the phytase add-on, this means that the contribution of commercial phytase enzymes to broiler and layer diets can be precisely evaluated through built-in dose response curves, rather than generalised assumptions being made.

Nutreco's own research has evaluated the role of structural components in feed for broilers on gizzard development and function resulting in performance benefit.

For more information on how the new add-ons can help create value, please contact John Ward (dietary structural components) or Sarah Rennie (phytase).


Presan FY and Gut Health in Layerspresan logo

Latest commercial trial results in UK colony layers have shown improvements in gut health as assessed  by a reduction in Focal Duodenal Necrosis (linked with Clostridium infection and associated with drops in egg production of up to 10%) and caecal condition score (fewer birds with frothy or yellow caecal contents).

Cost benefit analysis indicated that the cost of supplementing the feed with Presan FY was equivalent to 1-2 eggs/bird over the total production phase depending on the feeding schedule.

For more information please contact Tim Carter.


Pullet Weight at Transfer

Some colony producers are experiencing pullet weights significantly over target at transfer. As age at first egg is influenced not only by light but also by body weight, this means that pullets can come into lay as early as 15 weeks. This has important nutritional implications for calcium intake and mobilisation in particular, and could potentially impact on post peak performance and future egg shell quality. Some producers are altering nutrition in rear to slow down liveweight gain whilst maintaining skeletal development and body conformation.

For more information, please contact Sarah Rennie