Responsible Mineral Nutrition – Cobalt

Act now to implement the new cobalt legislation (EU 601/2013 as amended in EU 131/2014)


Cobalt is a vital trace element for ruminants. It enhances rumen fibre digestion and is required by rumen microbes to synthesize vitamin B12 - an essential vitamin for energy and amino acid metabolism in ruminants. New legislation demands actions.

  1. Check specifications of premixtures and mineral feed products to ensure compliance with the maximum permitted level in the ration, which has been halved in ruminants to 1.14 mg/kg DMI.  Trouw Nutrition GB have a calculator to help you meet ruminant requirements yet comply with legislation.
  2. Check products and where necessary amend labels. Cobalt salts are hazardous and of the five sources now approved, only two can be placed on the market in feeds in 'powder form'. Trouw Nutrition GB use one of these two sources to maximise user safety. In this case, product labels should state '3b304 Coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate' and the 'quantity added'. Conversely, the other 3 sources must be used in feeds in a non-powder form and require instructions on the compound feed label to state, in addition to the identification number and name, 'Protective measures to avoid exposure with Cobalt by inhalation or by dermal route should be taken'.

Check your products and make the necessary changes – contact the Trouw Nutrition GB Ruminant Team if you need any guidance.

You have until 4th September 2014 to comply.

For further details, please see our Urgent News 197 and 135