Feed Adviser Register

Trouw Nutrition are supporting the Feed Adviser Register by conducting five training modules through until spring 2015 to comply with the required core competencies.

The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) was set up by the AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) in a response to both government and industry desire to improve efficiency within the ruminant sector. The impact of dairy, beef and sheep systems on the environment has been the topic of many discussions within the government and associated bodies, particularly in relation to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions such as methane.

In an attempt to improve efficiency, which is thought to be a significant measure to reduce GHG’s, the AIC has developed the FAR with the purpose of increasing the skill and knowledge level of those giving advice on ruminant farms.

Whilst it is not a requirement to be registered with the FAR to give nutritional advice on ruminant farms, it is hoped that that all ruminant advisers will join the scheme to both increase their knowledge of nutritional requirements, and support an industry-led project to improve the functionality and image of the ruminant sector.

Trouw Nutrition strongly believes in the requirement for a scheme such as the FAR and to support this have put together a 5-module training programme to fully comply with the core competencies. FAR advisers only need to sign up to the FAR scheme to be registered, however to remain as a FAR participant, certain core competencies must be achieved by the end of April 2015, such as the modules set up by Trouw Nutrition.

These modules consist of the following topics

  • Ruminant physiology
  • Feed evaluation and ration formulation
  • Dry cow, fresh cow and fertility management, and KPI’s
  • Youngstock, beef and sheep management
  • Feed efficiency, forage management and green house gas emissions

Where possible, modules include organ dissection or farm walks to enable participants to see the practical side of the theory discussed in the modules.

Each module consists of a one day course, running twice in Cumbria, twice in the Midlands and twice in the south. Modules one and two have now been completed with module three beginning on Thursday, 26 June in Bristol.

All modules will be re-run through 2015 based on demand. If you would like to know more about the FAR training, or register your interest to attend future modules, please contact us using the below form: