Trouw Nutrition at the Livestock Event 2015

Trouw Nutrition GB will be attending the Livestock Event at the NEC this week, providing information to farmers and customers on our range of products and services, including CalFix, the innovative way to overcome the ‘Calcium Deficiency Challenge’ in dairy cows, and the science-based LifeStart Programme for calf rearing that aims to improve lifetime performance

Also featured will be the Farm-O-San range of animal health products, Maxcare farm minerals, Milkivit calf milk replacers and Selko-TMR to prevent spoilage of TMR.  To read more about our featured products click here.  We look forward to welcoming you on Stand FF199 in Hall 20. 


Following its initial introduction last year, CalFix transition feed technology will be featured on our stand and will be promoted to farmers at the event and in the dairy press over the coming months.  Please come and talk to our technical specialists about this new approach to dry cow management to make sure you are able to give the best advice to support this exciting innovation.  You can also visit the dedicated website to learn more and watch the new animated video.


At 1 pm each day in the Calf Demonstration area, ruminant specialist Georgina Thomas will be presenting the science behind the LifeStart Programme which helps to rear calves that grow into healthy and productive cows.  On the Trouw Nutrition stand we will be showcasing our LifeStart range of Milkivit calf milk replacers and our team will be available to give best-practice advice on how to get the most from calf rearing programmes.  H&L calf rearing equipment will also be on display in the calf demonstration area.  Click here for more information on LifeStart.



We will also be demonstrating our new Farm-O-San Reviva app which will be launched shortly.  The app helps to demonstrate the benefits of using Reviva after calving as well as providing practical video explanations around managing the cow at this critical time.  The Trouw Nutrition team will be on hand to give advice on this and the full range of Farm-O-San animal health products.



Maxcare is a leading farm mineral brand from Trouw Nutrition with a portfolio of uniquely formulated and easy-to-use products in weatherproof bags, buckets and as blocks.  Combining the latest technology with dedicated support, it provides farmers with optimal nutritional solutions and knowledge to get the best performance out of their livestock.  Come and talk to us about our full Maxcare mineral range.


Selko-TMR – a solution for feed spoilage.  Selko-TMR is a liquid non-corrosive synergistic blend of buffered organic acids.  It inhibits fermentation and associated heating of TMR, processed feeds and silage.  This controls the growth of spoilage microorganisms, specifically yeasts, and preserves the nutritive value of the feed by stabilising the ration.  In turn this helps secure long term palatability and feed intakes.  Ask about our product promotion for Selko-TMR.

We look forward to seeing you on Stand FF199 to discuss the full range of Trouw Nutrition products and services.