Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe supports recovery of freshly lambed ewes

During the last few weeks before lambing, growth of the unborn lambs accelerates and, as a result, energy requirements of the ewe increase dramatically. The increasing size of the unborn lambs means there is less space for the rumen, resulting in a reduction in dry matter intake. For this reason, ewes are in negative energy balance during the weeks immediately before lambing, particularly if they carry twins or triplets.

Around the time of lambing, ewes do not eat or drink for as long as 8 hours. They also lose large amounts of fluids. Many ewes are therefore dehydrated after giving birth, resulting in poor dry matter intake during the first few days after lambing.

To help avoid problems after the lambs are born, rapid recovery after lambing is crucial.

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe is a recovery drink for freshly lambed ewes.

It contains the electrolytes required for rapid rehydration, dextrose, a source of energy that can be absorbed from the gut rapidly, and added vitamins. Each ewe should receive 100g of Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe dissolved in 2 litres of lukewarm water immediately after lambing.

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe Usage Directions

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe improves growth of the lambs

If ewes recover rapidly after lambing, the lambs will grow better. A trial was carried out to study the effect of administration of Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe on the growth of the lambs.

Trial protocol

Three groups of ewes were included in the trial. One group was offered Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe for the first 3 hours after lambing, one group for the first 6 hours after lambing, whereas a third group was included as controls. Growth of the lambs during the first 21 days after lambing was recorded.


The uptake of Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe in the group that was offered the product for 3 hours was 77g, the uptake in the group that was offered Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe for 6 hours was 99g.

Growth of the lambs in the groups treated with Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe was 11.7% to 12.9% higher.

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe Growth Chart

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