Maxcare Sheep Focus

Trouw Nutrition GB has refreshed the Maxcare range of mineral supplements for the 2016 season, with updated specifications that aim to help meet the requirements of livestock in a variety of different management systems throughout the year.

Maxcare Sheep BucketMaxcare Sheep Bucket

A quality mineral bucket containing a balance of vitamins and minerals designed to meet year round requirements of sheep. Also contains a high level of vitamin E to aid immunity and fertility.

Maxcare Protein Energy Bucket

A high protein and energy bucket with a full complement of minerals and vitamins formulated to support the ewe through critical stages such as pre-tupping, late pregnancy and early lactation. The high level of protein is made up of a mixture of natural proteins and urea, adding an essential boost for growthand production.

Maxcare Super Boost Ewe

A high specification protein and energy bucket specifically formulated to balance ewe requirements during the pre-tupping period. Contains omega-3 fish oils and protected fat to help boost health and productivity during a period when they need it most. By-pass protein has been included at a high level to make this an ideal supplement during early lactation too. A full complement of vitamins and trace elements has also been added, including protected selenium.


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