Maxcare Summer Products

Trouw Nutrition GB has refreshed the Maxcare range of mineral supplements for the 2016 season, with updated specifications that aim to help meet the requirements of livestock in a variety of different management systems throughout the year.

Maxcare Grazer FA/IF

Maxcare GrazerNew for the 2016 season, Maxcare Grazer has been formulated to help balance the diet of cows at grass. The specification includes high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium, aiming to help with health and fertility. Maxcare Grazer also has a balanced vitamin and mineral profile to compliment grass based diets, making it a suitable product for use throughout the grazing season.

For spring calving herds, the early summer is a critical time to get cows back in calf. Ensuring the diet supplies the required minerals and trace elements is vital for supporting cow fertility. Important areas, amongst others, include copper, manganese, selenium, and vitamin E.

Maxcare Grazer is available as an "in feed" or a "free access" mineral. The specifications are identical; however the "free access" version includes extra flavouring to enhance palatability and weatherproofing to make it suitable for feeding separately. The "in feed" mineral is suitable for mixing with buffer feed.

Maxcare Garlic Bucket

Maxcare Garlic BucketSuitable for both cattle and sheep, the Maxcare Garlic Bucket has been formulated with high levels of garlic extract to help combat fly pressure during spring and autumn. The high specification mineral bucket has been formulated to suit various diets and management systems, with the option of use in mixed stocking situations.

Mineral buckets provide a convenient and low labour alternative to bagged mineral supplementation. When livestock are out at grass, it can be difficult to ensure that animals are receiving adequate dietary mineral supply, whilst intakes are not fully regulated, the inclusion of salt and flavourings make the Maxcare mineral buckets palatable to stock.

The Maxcare Garlic bucket is not suitable for feeding to dairy cows due to the risk of milk taint.

Maxcare Ram/Intensive Lamb

Maxcare Ram/Intensive LambFormulated specially for rams and intensively reared lambs, Maxcare Ram/Intensive Lamb includes high levels of vitamin E and selenium to maintain immune status and also support breeding performance. The specification also includes key B vitamins; B12 to help aid growth in young animals, and B1 to help prevent the risk of cerebro-cortical necrosis (CCN).

Maxcare Ram and Intensive Lamb contains no added magnesium or phosphorus to help avoid the risk of urinary calculi, while the vitamin and trace element specification aims to help ensure the requirements of the animal are met. Ammonium chloride is also included in the supplement to further reduce the risk of stones.

Each mineral supplement in the Maxcare mineral range contains Selko AO-Mix, a blend of high bioavailability anti-oxidants to support fertility, vitality, and the immune system. The blend of natural polyphenols has been specially selected for ruminants to provide optimal distribution within the body to improve anti-oxidant effectiveness.


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