Brexit-related accreditation for Trouw Nutrition GB

18 March 2019

Trouw Nutrition GB has received confirmation from the UK’s Customs authority that it has been awarded Authorised Economic Operator - FULL (or AEOF) accreditation. This means a major part of the operating company’s strategy has been put in place to reduce the negative effects that a Hard Brexit might cause.


Trouw Nutrition GB has secured the right for goods to be fast-tracked through customs clearance in the event of a Hard Brexit. In addition, should any goods require inspection, they will be given priority over others. Having this accreditation will allow TNGB to keep stocks low without reducing the quality of service to customers by continuing to meet their needs on time and in full in an increasingly difficult trading environment. 


The AEO scheme was introduced by the EU to facilitate legitimate trade, secure the international supply chain and ensure customs compliance. These schemes were introduced following events such as 9/11 in order to protect countries from terrorist attack. AEOF is the highest level of accreditation possible under the EU’s AEO standard. To have achieved this standard in just nine months is an achievement of which TNGB is very proud. Only 398 other companies in the UK hold AEOF.


The standard will be effective from March 19, 2019 and our authorisation number is GB AEO F/00277/18


Trouw Nutrition GB General Manager Rob Binnekamp says, “Gaining the AEOF accreditation is a living example of what can be achieved when colleagues collaborate together. The dedication of and contribution made by so many people and departments has been essential to this award. This award demonstrates to customers just one way in which TNGB is always working to add value to their customers businesses. Congratulations and thanks to all who have contributed to this success story.”