Technical Mineral Conference

14 June 2019

Trouw Nutrition GB held a Technical Mineral Conference on Tuesday 11th June with the goal of bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers and industry leaders to exchange and share their experiences on innovative and sustainable ways of improving long term animal productivity.

Over 60 customers and academics attended the conference at the Metropole Hotel, Birmingham where Georgina Thomas, Ruminant Technical Business Manager, introduced the following agenda:

Minerals: an update on availability and requirements by Dr. Bill Weiss, Professor of Dairy Cattle Nutrition in the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University in Wooster

Bill Weiss - Trouw Nutrition GB Technical Mineral Conference

Principles of animal zinc metabolism and consequences for experimental studies by Dr. Daniel Brugger, Staff scientist and lecturer at the Chair of Animal Nutrition at Technische Universität Munich

Daniel Brugger - Trouw Nutrition GB Technical Mineral Conference

Effect of trace mineral sources on digestive function by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Daniel, Trouw Nutrition Research

Jean-Baptiste Daniel - Trouw Nutrition GB Mineral Conference

Introduction to IntelliBond by Kevin Perryman, Trouw Nutrition Global Trace Mineral Programme

Kevin Perryman - Trouw Nutrition GB Technical Mineral Conference

The overarching theme of ‘Responsible Minerals’ highlighted the importance of optimizing trace mineral supply to ruminants. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of considering supplementary trace mineral source, with latest research showing them to have much greater differences than just bioavailability.

The conference was bought to a close by Kevin Perryman, who spoke about how IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals have been proven to have a positive impact on feed stability, rumen health and functionality, whilst having higher bioavailability than both the inorganic and organic trace mineral sources currently used in the GB market.

The Trouw Nutrition GB team look forward to supporting customers in the development of their own responsible trace mineral strategies over the coming months supported by the latest research delivered during the conference alongside the unique and technologically advanced IntelliBond trace mineral offering.