Trouw Nutrition GB Statement - Feline Pancytopenia

16 June 2021

Trouw Nutrition GB Statement - Feline Pancytopenia

The industry has been made aware that there have been a series of feline pancytopenia cases in cats. Typically 1-2 cases are seen per year, however; as of 15th June, the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) had 118 cases logged on their portal.

Data gathered by the RVC shows an area of commonality between cases as being diet with 86% of affected cases having been fed 1 of 3 specific pet food brands produced by one manufacturer. A product recall involving 3 brands is underway.

We can confirm that Trouw Nutrition GB are not involved in this recall.

For and on behalf of Trouw Nutrition GB.

Stacey Aram

Quality Assurance Manager


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