Maxcare Minerals

Farm minerals and basemix

Maxcare is a convenience product for farmers (home-mixing and non home-mixing) and feed mills. Maxcare typically includes all required vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino-acids. While using Maxcare, separate dosing of individual micro-ingredients is no longer required. Maxcare brings all micro-ingredients in one product, in perfect balance and homogeneously mixed in the feed. MaxCare offers well-balanced diets of consistent high quality, while minimising cost of feed and feed production. Maxcare’s science and convenience based products, underpinned by Trouw Nutrition’s support services, provide an optimal solution to animal nutrition requirements.




Feed Additives

Selko is the feed additives brand of Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company. Selko’s portfolio consists of natural feed additive solutions that add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. These natural products provide protection from microbial contamination and counteract toxic effects. Health products promote the development of a healthy gut microflora, inhibiting the proliferation of undesirable bacteria.


Animal Health products

Farm-O-San offers high-quality nutritional animal health products for livestock farmers, feed producers and intermediaries.

Farm-O-San offers practical products that are easy to use and produced in an ISO and GMP+ certified environment, which independently guarantees the food safety throughout the entire feed chain. All Farm-O-San products are free of antibiotics and other medication.

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The natural choice for healthy growth

Milkivit is the trusted calf milk replacer to rear healthy calves chosen by passionate professional farmers who care for their animals. It originated in Germany Bavarian in 1954. The broad range of Milkivit calf rearing programmes offers every farm the optimal feeding solution. Besides, a series of products are available to support the animal's healthy growth.


Total Piglet Performance

Milkiwean provides total piglet performance for dedicated professionals. Through innovation and on-farm experience, Milkiwean has developed tailored feeding programmes to boost feed intake during pre- and post- weaning. With the right feeding programme and on-farm support, Milkiwean can fulfil the needs of each farmer helping to achieve optimal piglet performance.

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Knowledge feeds success

NutriOpt is an integrated nutritional precision-feeding tool that enables customers to optimize both feed costs and production results to maximize financial benefits in the value chain. It consists of a number of key elements that complement and support one another in optimizing animal nutrition, performance and associated costs through precise real‐time analysis, modeling and calculation. 

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