Milk Replacers

With the ever present need to protect and nurture your animals and your business, it is common sense to want to give your youngstock the best possible start to life. Milkivit provides you with a range of options to help do just that.

Quality of ingredients is what we’re all about and our milk replacers contain the perfect balance of nutrients to rear strong and healthy youngstock, including:

  • Calves

  • Lambs


LifeStart LogoThe latest dairy farming science shows that the first eight to ten weeks of a calf’s life provide a huge opportunity to boost the lifetime performance of the cow. This effect is defined as metabolic programming, whereby an animal’s productive potential as an adult is influenced by the growth achieved early in life.

This forms the cornerstone of our LifeStart programme. LifeStart derives from scientific studies that used intensive feeding to achieve above average growth pre-weaning. These studies conclusively prove that this increased rate of growth leads to greater productivity. LifeStart is dedicated to providing the information and expertise to help both farmers and the dairy industry take advantage of this exciting discovery.


Calf Milk Replacers

Energized Calf Milk  has been developed to maximise the benefits of LifeStart. In addition we have a wide range of Milkivit calf milk replacers including skimmed milk products and whey products.

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Energized Lamb Milk

Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk has been designed to help lambs achieve their full growth potential.

Energized Lamb Milk is a precisely formulated lamb milk replacer containing specially selected milk products, highly digestible oils and proteins plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing lambs.


Milkivit Lamb

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