OsmoFit is a dietetic water-soluble calf rehydration product. It is able to stabilise the water and electrolyte balance of the extracellular fluid pool in cases of diarrhoea by providing the required salts and sugars in the right amounts and in the correct ratio. Therefore, OsmoFit is always provided in a fixed concentration in water.

The composition of OsmoFit focuses on:

  • Mainly sodium salts and to a lesser extent potassium salts to correct the losses of these electrolyte minerals, to enable water absorption and counter metabolic acidosis.
  • Highly digestible components that provide energy and do not influence extra outflow of water. Blood is classed as isotonic.
  • Solutions with a higher osmolality value than blood will extract water from the body; they are classed as hypertonic. For this reason, OsmoFit’s patent pending formula has been designed with a low osmolality value and is therefore a hypotonic solution.
  • Buffering agents that counter metabolic acidosis.
Osmofit - Water Balance Regulation

How to Use Osmofit

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