Farm Management Tools

Milk Yield From Grazing

Milk YieldAverage milk yields from forage, more specifically grazing, have been slowly declining for some years. Milk yields from grazing are often linked to a reduction in feed costs and increase in profits. Achieving high milk yields from grazing comes down to several factors such as farm infrastructure, cow tracks, management and nutrition.

Trouw Nutrition GB have developed the Milk Yield From Grazing system which includes a laboratory analyses of grazed grass to determine the potential milk yield to be achieved from that particular field. This is based on factors such as grass quantity, quality and time available for cows to graze. Also included is a Milk Yield From Grazing App, which helps farmers and advisors accurately determine the amount of grass available per head per day, the potential milk yield from this grass, and the concentrates required to meet the desired milk yield.

To discuss how these tools can help you, please contact the Trouw Nutrition GB Ruminant Team.