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  • Maxcare Dairy

    A high specification mineral to balance a range of dairy rations. Particularly suitable for feeding alongside mixed forages, including maize and wholecrop silages fed in combination with grass silages.

  • Maxcare Dairy Extra

    High yielding dairy cows will benefit from this specially formulated mineral. The inclusion of Selko Optimin SeY, Cuprex and Zinprex boost the bioavailability of trace elements to ensure the requirements of high yielding cows can be satisfied, helping to optimize health and performance. Especially suited to cows fed a full TMR ration.

  • Maxcare Dry Cow

    Formulated to meet the requirements of both cow and calf during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. High levels of selenium and vitamin E maintain immune status whilst high magnesium and low calcium help to prepare the cow for increased calcium demands at calving.

  • Maxcare Dry Cow Extra

    A high specification dry cow mineral. Selko Optimin SeY, Cuprex and Zinprex boost the bioavailability of trace elements to help ensure requirements are met, and increased vitamin levels are included to contribute to health and fertility at this critical stage of the production cycle.

  • Maxcare High Mag Cattle

    Maxcare High Mag Cattle is a high magnesium mineral which will benefit cattle at grass, especially when grass growth rates are high in spring and autumn when there is increased risk of grass staggers.

  • Maxcare Hoofcare

    A specialized booster pack containing high levels of biotin, methyl donors and Selko Optimin® Zinc to help improve hoof condition. Maxcare Hoofcare should be used in conjunction with another Maxcare mineral and may reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders.

  • Maxcare Intensive Beef

    An in-feed mineral for inclusion in rations for intensive and semi-intensive beef cattle, where cereal intakes are high. Boosted with selenium and vitamin E and formulated with no magnesium or phosphorus to help prevent urinary calculi (‘stones’).

  • Maxcare Natureblend Beef

    Formulated for growing cattle on forage-based diets, supplemented with essential macro and trace elements to help meet the requirements of beef cattle.

  • Maxcare Natureblend Dairy

    A high specification mineral formulated to help balance foragebased organic dairy rations which includes increased levels of zinc, selenium and copper.

  • Maxcare Natureblend Dry Cow

    A specially formulated mineral to supplement the diets of dairy cows during the last six weeks of pregnancy. Low levels of calcium help to prepare the cow for the increased calcium demands at calving.