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  • Revalet®

    Revalet® is a broad range of products based on synergistic blends of organic acids and surfactants formulated to reduce yeasts, moulds and Enterobacteria in co-products. The objective is to extend the shelf life of co-products and preserve the nutritional value, creating a high quality raw material which can be used for animal feed.

  • Selko®-TMR

    Selko®-TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a combination feed consisting of concentrate and roughage mixed together in a feed mixer wagon. Microorganisms that are present in TMR at any stage from silage cutting to consumption can very rapidly cause aerobic fermentation. Our research has shown that a very wide range of yeasts can be present in feed. These yeasts multiply at tremendous speeds, causing aerobic fermentation in the roughage.


    TOXO® helps livestock producers to reduce mycotoxin contamination in feeds and raw materials. TOXO is available with different mechanisms, to allow different applications based on contamination levels and differences in sensitivity to mycotoxins between species. TOXO offers an intregrated solution against a broad spectrum of toxins produced by moulds. Multiple strategies are combined in TOXO®-XL to contribute to maintain animal performance during exposure to mycotoxins. For maximum effect, TOXO®-XXL contains additional ingredients to support neutralisation of free radicals in the animals’ body.

  • Fylax® Forte

    Fylax® Forte is a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants. It is produced using a production technology that creates activated propionates held in micelles. The activated organic acids effectively reduce moulds to maintain the nutritional value and prolong the shelf life of raw materials, compound animal feed and pet food. The surfactants optimise the distribution of the Fylax Forte throughout the feed and increase its water-binding capacity. This improves anti-mould effect and overall feed mill efficiency.