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  • Maxcare High Mag Cattle

    Maxcare High Mag Cattle is a high magnesium mineral which will benefit cattle at grass, especially when grass growth rates are high in spring and autumn when there is increased risk of grass staggers.

  • Maxcare Intensive Beef

    An in-feed mineral for inclusion in rations for intensive and semi-intensive beef cattle, where cereal intakes are high. Boosted with selenium and vitamin E and formulated with no magnesium or phosphorus to help prevent urinary calculi (‘stones’).

  • Maxcare Natureblend Beef

    Formulated for growing cattle on forage-based diets, supplemented with essential macro and trace elements to help meet the requirements of beef cattle.

  • Maxcare Natureblend Suckler

    Formulated to benefit suckler cows and heifers, with increased levels of magnesium and a high level of phosphorus to help balance grass-based diets.

  • Maxcare Cattle Bucket

    A high quality balance of minerals for dairy, suckler and growing cattle. The Maxcare Cattle Bucket is suitable for feeding to animals at grass or housed, providing a flexible solution to assist in meeting year round vitamin and mineral requirements of cattle.

  • Maxcare Dry Cow Bucket

    A high specification mineral bucket formulated to help prepare the cow for the following lactation. Contains a high level of vitamin E to help support animal health and iodine to help with foetal/calf development.

  • Maxcare Mag Phos Cattle Bucket

    A specially formulated bucket containing a balance of minerals and vitamins with additional magnesium and phosphorus to meet year-round requirements of suckler cows and dairy replacements.

  • Maxcare Cattle Block

    A high quality mineral block containing added copper for cattle to help support growth and productivity.

  • Maxcare Cattle Extra Block

    A high trace element mineral block for cattle with protected copper, zinc and selenium from the Selko Optimin range for increased bioavailability.

  • Maxcare Grazer

    Formulated specifically for cows at grass, Maxcare Grazer has a vitamin profile balanced to match the supply from a grass-based diet, along with a high level of magnesium. Maxcare Grazer is suitable for both dairy and suckler cows at grass and can be used throughout the grazing season.