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  • Maxcare Poultry Layer Rearing

    Maxcare Poultry Layer Rearing is a high specification premix, designed to be used in all phases of rearing pullets for laying.

  • TNGB Layer 10

    A premix for laying hens

  • Maxcare Layer 25

    A high specification premix for laying hens.

  • Flint Grit

    Flint grit to aid physical digestion of grains and feed in poultry.

  • Mixed Poultry Grit

    A single product providing calcium as limestone granules or oyster/cockle shell and flint grit to aid physical digestion of feed. Suitable for laying hens only.

  • Oyster/Cockle Shell Grit

    A source of calcium for the bird available in Chick or Hen size particles.

  • Farm-O-San AHS

    Farm-O-San AHS is a mineral feed for poultry and contains electrolytes and vitamin C to maintain normal production when temperature is elevated.

  • Farm-O-San FLS

    To reduce the risk of fatty liver syndrome.

  • Fylax Flow

    Fylax® Flow is a synergistic blend of different organic acids and surfactants. Fylax Flow can be used to prevent separation of fluids and to reduce its viscosity. Fylax Flow is compatible with all ingredients in animal feed and is completely soluble in water based liquid substances.


    TOXO® helps livestock producers to reduce mycotoxin contamination in feeds and raw materials. TOXO is available with different mechanisms, to allow different applications based on contamination levels and differences in sensitivity to mycotoxins between species. TOXO offers an intregrated solution against a broad spectrum of toxins produced by moulds. Multiple strategies are combined in TOXO®-XL to contribute to maintain animal performance during exposure to mycotoxins. For maximum effect, TOXO®-XXL contains additional ingredients to support neutralisation of free radicals in the animals’ body.