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  • Maxcare Dairy Rumen Buffer

    For feeding where acidosis is of concern, especially in dairy cows. Phased buffering action ensures that the product acts over a longer period of time for improved action. Add to diets including low pH silages or high levels of rapidly fermentable feed, such as cereal grain. Not suitable for intensively reared stock. Feed to dairy cows at a rate of 100-150g/head/day.

  • Maxcare Mag Phos Cattle

    A multi-purpose mineral for both dairy cows at grass and suckler cows and heifers kept under extensive conditions. A high level of magnesium supplements the reduced levels in lush grass, whilst a high phosphorus inclusion helps balance rations and meet requirements.

  • Maxcare Garlic Bucket

    A mineral bucket specially formulated with high levels of garlic extract to help combat fly pressure during spring and autumn. This bucket contains a high specification of vitamins and minerals, suitable for both cattle and sheep.

  • Maxcare Cattle

    A wide range of livestock including dairy cows, beef cattle, heifers and young stock will benefit from being offered this mineral year round. A full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements help to maintain the general health and productivity of these classes of farm livestock.

  • Maxcare Cattle Extra

    A high specification cattle mineral which will benefit dairy cows, beef cattle, heifers and young stock. Selko Optimin SeY, Cuprex and Zinprex boost the bioavailability of trace elements to ensure the requirements of the cattle are met, helping to optimize health and performance. This mineral can be used to supplement both summer and winter rations.

  • Natureblend Organic Minerals

    Essential components for optimum health and welfare.

  • Selko-Herbiphorm

    Selko® Herbiphorm is used to stabilize and preserve silage used for ruminant feeding. . It reduces spoilage due to the development of micro-organism such as yeast, moulds and Enterobacteria in the first period of ensiling, supporting lactic acid bacteria production and assisting preservation of the silage.

  • Selko®-TMR

    Selko®-TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a combination feed consisting of concentrate and roughage mixed together in a feed mixer wagon. Microorganisms that are present in TMR at any stage from silage cutting to consumption can very rapidly cause aerobic fermentation. Our research has shown that a very wide range of yeasts can be present in feed. These yeasts multiply at tremendous speeds, causing aerobic fermentation in the roughage.

  • Fylax Flow

    Fylax® Flow is a synergistic blend of different organic acids and surfactants. Fylax Flow can be used to prevent separation of fluids and to reduce its viscosity. Fylax Flow is compatible with all ingredients in animal feed and is completely soluble in water based liquid substances.

  • Optimin-SeY

    Selenium deficiency is often first seen as a reduced resistance to stress and ineffective immune response. Optimin®-SeY helps to maintain a good selenium status and supports the animal in building a safe reserve of selenomethionine, which is essential for healthy development and good disease resistance