Delivering innovative products and solutions to the poultry industry

Our experienced team of poultry specialists will work with you to create custom premixes to meet your needs and those of the poultry being fed.  They work closely with Nutreco's Poultry Research Centres in Canada and Spain in order to deliver innovative products and solutions to the industry.

Premixes are made to very high standards of safety, traceability and quality, ensuring that the benefits of the individual components are delivered through to the feed, poultry and to the finished poultry product.

We offer a wide range of precision manufactured bespoke vitamin/ mineral premixes to meet the needs of all species, classes and ages of poultry and game birds.  Our product range includes low inclusion vitamin/mineral premixes, complete premixes including major minerals, medicated premixes, yolk pigmenter and amino acid packs.

A targeted, science-based range of feed ingredients and additives to support poultry gut health and performance is available as well.  We also supply a range of feed ingredients which include supplemental poultry grits, limestone and oystershell.

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