Selko, a complete package of feed additive solutions Selko, a complete package of feed additive solutions

Enhance animal health & performance with customised feed additive solutions

✓Custom dedicated service  ✓Powerful feed-to-food solutions  ✓Premium absorption of nutrients

Your business is our business. Selko is the feed additive brand of Trouw Nutrition. Our animal feed additive solutions are customised to your business' needs. Count on us to work with you for science-based, innovative programmes and bespoke services that really make a difference for your business and the well-being of the animals. Our dedicated Selko representatives and scientific partners are there for you to think and act along with you.

Selko’s portfolio consists of feed additive solutions throughout the entire feed-to-food value chain. These include solutions for feed safety, Salmonella control, gut health, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and trace mineral optimisation. 

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About Selko

Selko is the Feed Additives brand of Trouw Nutrition. In an era defined by global trends that include increased regulation, pressure to reduce antibiotics, climate change, raw material shortage, and scarcity of land use, the demand is rising rapidly for sustainable and safe feed-to-food production and products and services that help achieve this. Selko does just that.

We strive to understand your business and your challenges better every day. By offering research-proven feed additives to animal feed that help reduce harmful microorganisms and mycotoxins at various stages in the feed-to-food chain, leading to improved quality at the feed mill and farm level.

To achieve this, we offer a wide range of solutions related to health and mineral optimization. All aiming to support animal health and help reach your animals' full production potential. This way, we help you get the best results for you, your animals, and your customers. We excel in terms of feed safety, quality, and service.

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