Advances in youngstock science at BSAS 2024

Trouw Nutrition are excited to once-again be chairing the youngstock session at this year's BSAS conference.

Following on from last autumn’s Trouw Nutrition Lifestart Calf Symposium, the youngstock session at the annual BSAS conference has been curated to showcase the latest advances in youngstock science. 

Speakers include:

Dr Liz Homer, Sustainability Manager Ruminants ECA

Juanita Echeverry Munera, Junior Researcher, Trouw Nutrition Global

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Early life nutrition

Advances in Youngstock Science Session at BSAS 2024:

"Achieving early and adequate intake of high-quality colostrum is widely recognized as the single most important management factor in determining the health and survival of neonates” Godden, 2022.

However, the BSAS young-stock session in Belfast 2024 has an exciting mix of developing subjects including the ever-expanding behavioural field exploring young stock cognitive function alongside on farm routines. With youngstock rearing we are never far away from faecal changes and 3 papers looking into topics from microbiota, dehydration and time of year. Feeding and feed additives can never be overlooked in a youngstock session and you will not be disappointed. Yeast strains and milk replacer supply on growth and of course never forgetting colostrum. Lastly we finish on novel techniques of understanding what is happening under the skin of our young stock.

Chaired by:

Dr Laura Tennant, Young Animal Feed Technical Advisor, Trouw Nutrition GB