Global leader in premix

World beating food safety means peace of mind for your brand

Our ISO22000:2005 accredited premix plant is acknowledged worldwide as the industry's gold standard leader. Our unrivalled knowledge and expertise, supported by our unique Nutrace food and safety traceability system, make us your natural choice of expert partner to develop and deliver nutritional solutions tailored to your brand's needs.

Safety is our first priority

Of all the ingredients that go into a pet food, it’s the premix that poses the biggest risk. It is so concentrated that even the tiniest mistake can have disastrous and widespread consequences.
And when you consider that every tonne of premix in your pet food can reach up to 20,000 pets, the issue of safety is one that food manufacturers cannot – indeed, dare not – ignore.

Protecting your brand and your clients’ animals

At Trouw Nutrition, we understand the extent to which a brand could be damaged if it was one of our customers’ pet food products responsible for harming just one much-loved pet.
It’s why we put such extraordinary effort into ensuring the safety and quality of our premixes, and it’s also why – as your future partner –
Trouw Nutrition can confidently offer you the assurance that no other premix supplier can… complete peace of mind.


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Our Pet team consists of:

Jane Dawson – Regional KAM Manager Globals
Florian Lestas – Regional Sales Manager- South Europe
Jennifer Malone - Regional Sales Manager - GB
Edoardo Salassa - Regional Sales Manager - Italy
Roderick Prince- International and Pet Business Director
Sarah-Jane Godfrey - Technical Manager Companion Animal Europe
Myrthe Vervoort- Regional Director Companion Animal EMEA

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