Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk

A new approach to feeding lambs

For the sheep farmer, business success means balancing a wide range of factors. At the heart of this challenge lies the need to look after lambs and optimise productivity, while simultaneously controlling workload and maximising return on investment.

You too can make a profit on your cade lambs using Energized Lamb Milk to ensure they grow to their full potential
Natalie Ingman, TNGB Key Account Manager & Sheep Farmer

Newborn lambs are born with limited energy reserves

Early provision of adequate energy in a highly digestible form is  essential to support early life survivability, body temperature maintenance, immune system support, daily live weight gains and optimal development for flock replacements. Adverse weather conditions during the lambing period can further exacerbate body heat loss increasing these requirements even further.

Protein digestibility in milk replacers is well known. Carefully selected sources ensure optimal digestibility of the protein which supports lamb performance. Osmolality measures the concentration of solute particles in a solution and is calculated by adding the concentrations of sugars and minerals in mOsm/kg of solvent. Lamb milk replacers with elevated levels of osmolality can damage gut integrity, increase the risk of abomasal bloat and potentially exacerbate diarrhoea severity in sick lambs.

Choosing a product that has been carefully formulated with osmolality in mind will help to reduce the risk of diarrhoea.
Careful mineral and vitamin supplementation in young lambs is essential to support development, health and performance. Carefully selected sources help to optimise bioavailability whilst supporting gastro intestinal environment.

Energized Lamb Milk (ELM) has been designed with all of this in mind.

4 Reasons To Choose Energized Lamb Milk

The ingredient quality & formulation of ELM has been specifically developed with four key benefits in mind:

Faster, more efficient growth

High energy density and optimal protein digestibility achieve excellent lamb performance 

Reduced risk of scour and bloat

Lower osmolality and improved gut development reduces the risk of scour and bloat

Lower cost per feed

Low mixing rate of 175g/L makes 14% more milk per bag versus the same quantity of a 200g/L mix-rate powder.

Easy feed

Easy mixing makes the product easy to handle, and high palatability means lambs are eager to feed.

Milkivit Solutions for lamb rearing

Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk

Designed to help lambs achieve their full growth potential. Energized Lamb Milk is a precisely formulated lamb milk replacer containing specially selected milk products, highly digestible oils and proteins plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing lambs.

Energized Lamb Milk S product details (Skimmed milk based)

Energized Lamb Milk W product details   (Whey based)


OsmoFit is a dietetic water-soluble calf rehydration product, that is also suitable for lambs. It is able to stabilise the water and electrolyte balance of the extracellular fluid pool in cases of diarrhoea by providing the required salts and sugars in the right amounts and in the correct ratio.

Product details

Milkivit Kid Milk Replacers

We also offer a range of Milkivit milk replacers designed specifically for kids.

Kid Cream product details                  (Skimmed milk based)                                          Kid Plus product details                              (Whey based)

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OsmoFit hydration control

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