Dairy calves

Dairy Calves

At Trouw Nutrition, our aim is to help farmers raise healthy, highly productive dairy cows. We’ve developed a range of science-based nutritional products and services to support the critical first months of a calf's life.

Unlocking Genetic Potential
Dairy calf health
Dairy calf performance
Heat stress
Over the last 15 years, innovation has brought calf feeding programmes away from a singular focus on cost-savings to be much more future-oriented and intensive, leading to better productivity for farmers. Our LifeStart calf rearing programme and Milkivit milk replacers are helping to drive change across the globe.
Georgina Thomas, Young Animal Feed Manager GB

Science-based nutrition for a lifetime of high performance

LifeStart research shows the significant impact of metabolic programming on organ development during the crucial first weeks that helps support the growth of a more robust cow with increased performance later in life.

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