Operational Update


Alex Phillips, Operations Director, explains the recent changes we've made.

Over the last couple of years we have all faced very challenging times to say the least. As I am sure you are aware Trouw Nutrition has been no different, especially during the higher demand winter period. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of some of the improvements we have been implementing over recent months, aimed at  increasing our manufacturing capability and improving the service that we offer you as a valuable customer.

We have made improvements in three key areas:

  • Investments in manufacturing capacity
  • Operational Excellence, manufacturing execution
  • Integrated Business Planning


Over the last two years Trouw Nutrition GB has invested over £7M in multiple projects including new warehousing, premix automation, automated micro-dosing and mixer upgrades. All of the projects have been designed to increase either efficiency, quality or safety, thereby improving our total offering to you.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) is an internal Trouw Nutrition programme, recently launched globally within our company, designed to optimise the return we get from our investments in terms of both our people and the processes that we use, leading to enhanced output.

For example, in our Milk Powder plant we have already increased productivity by 20% following OE improvements. Using a 'Kaizen' approach of continuous improvements we will replicate this across other areas of the plant.

This will lead to increased capacity which will ease the pressure during the next high demand period.

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is our way of ensuring all our departments work together to supply you the products your order on time and in full. It also allows us to increase the running time of the plant and again, increase output. 

A key aspect of IBP is how we use the forecasts, that you kindly supply, in planning production, raw materials and labour in the most efficient way.

Communication is vital and we recognise the importance of communicating correctly; therefore this is an area that we are continually looking to improve. We are confident in the process changes we have instigated that despite the challenges that will undoubtedly still arise, our communication will be enhanced.