#TNGBPeople Georgia Jenkins


Georgia Jenkins, Formulations Manager, talks about the external challenges currently facing her department 


Who are you?

Georgia Jenkins

Formulations Manager

After completing my degree in Bioveterinary Science I worked for a year at Countrywide; looking for a new opportunity I joined Trouw Nutrition nearly 5 years ago as a formulator. 

Working as a formulator I took part in numerous projects which I really enjoyed and in September 2021 I became Formulations Manager which has challenged me further.

What are the current challenges you are facing?

The main challenges we are currently facing are related to the wider world - the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have contributed to the high number of reformulations which we are seeing in the department.

We are having to make changes as a result of any raw material shortages that we experience. In addition, costs are rising so customers are asking us to look at alternatives in order to keep prices down.

We are also currently working on several projects including labelling changes due to Brexit and reducing waste on our site. Balancing projects and a high number of formulations is a definite challenge especially with a number of new starters, but the team is doing a great job and is getting stronger as we enter into the busy period!

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of my spare time outside in Staffordshire walking my three dogs, riding my horse, or looking after my five donkeys. I am quite partial to a pint of cider or a glass of wine especially in the sunshine!