Operational Excellence Programme: 'Big Bang Day'


A massive 'Thank You' to everyone involved in the activities during the day and those that, by continuing to work, gave us this opportunity.

It was a day full of fantastic collaboration & engagement moments, where everyone had a chance to work together, discuss issues, share knowledge and increase their understating of the Autonomous Maintenance principles and objectives.


Some of the highlights included:

  • Around 80 people including operators, office staff and managers, engaged in the workshops and also enjoyed lunch outside.
  • Initial Cleaning Activities carried out in 5 areas: Premix, KSE, Concs & Buckets, Bag Room, Milk Plant
  • Over 200 tags raised to escalate technical issues with the equipment and factory standards.


Next steps include:

  • Tags related to safety concerns will be addressed immediately
  • Follow up on the activities and keep a communication system active to ensure the closure of the tags
  • Activate Autonomous Maintenance expansion plan to sustain the conditions achieved in the areas
  • Plan additional trainings related to the other pillars of the Operational Excellence Programme