#WomeninScience: Mamoona Naz


As part of our celebrating women in science series Mamoona Naz talks about her passion for science and what inspired her to pursue a career in Chemistry.


What is your role? 

I joined Trouw Nutrition in September 2022 as Laboratory Technician and currently work in the wet chemistry lab anaysing forage, feed and raw material samples. 

What inspired you to follow a career in science? 

At one point in school I wasn't particularly driven and didn't take anything very seriously. However, my science teacher Dr Holroyd recognised that I had a talent for Chemistry and inspired me to develop a passion for the subject. 

I went on to study Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Leicester where I used to stay behind to spend time with the PhD students learning new techniques.

What do you love about your role?

I love the practical side of lab work, of analysing different compounds

What advice would you give to young girls with a flair for science? 

Get a good support system whether that is family, friends or mentors. I was lucky to have a lot of support from my family.

Never be afraid to ask for help. There is no such thing as a stupid question and one of the best ways of learning is through mistakes.