#TNGBPeople: Clinton Spencer


In the first of a new series #TNGBPeople Clinton Spencer, Supply Chain Manager, talks about Integrated Business Planning; the end-to-end monthly cycle of steps that formulates a single plan where sales, materials requirements, distribution, & financial targets are all aligned.


Who are you? 

Clinton Spencer

Supply Chain Manager at Trouw Nutrition GB

I have been working at the company for 23 years now and have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work in several different departments (QC/Planning/Technical) during my career with Nutreco so far.

I enjoy dealing with people and solving problems, so that makes working in supply chain a good fit for me. My team and I have been navigating the business through some very tricky supply chain storms during the last 2 years and, although this has been very challenging, we have learnt a lot from the experience and have used what we have learned to further strengthen our processes and become more resilient for whatever the future might throw at us next.

What is IBP and how that’s benefiting the business? 

In order to prepare for the future we needed to improve our ability to plan further ahead and more accurately.

We are developing our processes which will allow us to evolve from a more standard Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) way of working to a more mature process with Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
IBP is the end-to-end monthly cycle of business planning steps that formulates a single plan where sales, materials requirements, distribution, and financial targets are all aligned.

We can use IBP to plan further forward because the process has a longer timescale that facilitates long-term strategic planning, as well as supporting short- and medium-term operational requirements.

This is how IBP will become one of the enablers to drive our cost competitiveness and help us contribute to the Nutreco Strategy.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love getting out into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside with my family, we have two young boys and a puppy and long walks in the local fields and woods are a great way for us all to get some exercise together.

I have also just started writing my first book (inspired by my author wife) so we will see where that goes!