#TNGBPeople Dr. Liz Homer


Dr. Liz Homer gives a sneak preview of Trouw Nutrition's Sustainability plans.


Who are you?

Dr. Liz Homer

Ruminant Technical Development Manager, NutriOpt Manager and Chair of the TNGB Sustainability Committee.

I have worked at Trouw Nutrition for almost 7 years and have really enjoyed my time working here. Prior to this I completed my PhD at the University of Nottingham.

Are Trouw Nutrition committed to creating a more sustainable future?

Trouw Nutrition, as part of Nutreco, has long worked to build a more sustainable food system as we strive to achieve our mission of Feeding the Future.

As part of this we have developed our RoadMap 2025, which lays out our sustainability strategy for the next five years. 

Nutreco Sustainability RoadMap 2025

What plans do Trouw Nutrition have to help the industry become more sustainable?

The current challenge around sustainability is how to implement solutions on farm that can make the biggest difference to efficiency, profitability and carbon footprint. We must also be wary of greenwashing and aware that everyone in the supply chain must do their bit.

Currently we have solutions such as MyFeedPrint - a tool which can accurately monitor the carbon footprint of raw materials and compound feeds and blends.

In addition we will shortly be launching another tool ehich can support the calculation of carbon footprint on farm and identify bottlenecks where biggest savings can be made - watch this space! 

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to ride my horse, Toby, and regularly compete in eventing competitions.