#TNGBPeople Mark Cox


Mark Cox, National Sales Manager, discusses why he believes balancing sustainabilitywith the need to feed a growing global populas is the biggest challenge facing our industry today.


Who are you? 

Mark Cox

National Sales Manager

My main responsibility is handling the interaction and support of our customers by leading our account management team to ensure we meet and indeed surpass customer expectations. I am  very fortunate to be able to work with such committed and enthusiastic colleagues.  I also act as our Commercial Excellence coach to the business across all species and play an active role in our Sustainability working group .

My working life post-University has always been in Animal Health, Nutrition and Supplementation. I have been fortunate to work in senior positions across blue chip, Co-Operative and privately owned businesses in the veterinary, agricultural supply and bio-tech sectors which has  given me a great insight into how our industry plays a vital role in food production supply chain, and the importance of creating and sustaining strong working relationships with our partners  .

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing our industry? 

The post- Brexit/Pandemic world has meant that many businesses are encountering new challenges, almost on a daily basis. I am someone who likes a challenge and this personality trait has been very useful in the past 24 months.

As an industry I truly believe balancing sustainability with the need to feed a growing global populas is our major challenge. We all need to make a contribution to ensure that we meet the demands of our end-user farming customers, supply partners and indeed our own internal practices and processes in order to meet the challenge head-on.

We recently hosted a global event looking at creating sustainable packaging solutions. The aim was to look at how we can minimise and create circulatory in all of our packaging materials to ensure a more sustainable model across the  supply chain for consumable goods such as plastic bags , stretch wrap and wooden pallets. We look forward to sharing the result of this work with the industry in due course, which we believe will bring real innovation to our sector .

 What do you do in your spare time? 

Outside of life within TNGB I enjoy supporting my daughter's hobby of equestrianism on her horse Anton, mainly as groom, transport provider and most importantly provider of funds for trips to her favorite tack shop.

I also spend time walking my 5 month old JRT puppy Pippin, and I am actively involved in both playing and coaching Hockey for two clubs near my home. This has been a lifelong passion, although the coaching takes precedent as I have got older and slower. Finally, over the  summer I have taken up a new passion of kayaking local waterways which I have found hugely relaxing and peaceful, allowing great access to nature when Pippin does not bark at everyone (he has his own lifejacket).