#TNGBPeople: Andy Bryan


Andy Bryan, Plant Manager, gives an insight into the Performance Control System, introduced as part of our Operational Excellence programme.


Who are you?

Andy Bryan

Plant Manager

I have worked for Trouw Nutrition for 22 months now as the Pet plant production manager and the main plant manager. I have previously worked in food production industry for most of my career working at Nestle, Weetabix, and Coors brewers.

Tell us about the PCS project

PCS means performance control system and forms part of our Operational Excellence programme; it is a factory floor data capture system that engages team members to capture performance data on the hour. It is then reviewed at various stages of the day by different levels of the production management team with the aim of improving efficiency and performance .

Once the data is captured its reviewed by four SIM meetings over the week:

  • SIM 1 is a line side hourly data capture process where line OP’s review their performance on an hourly basis.
  • SIM 2 is a start and end of shift meeting that reviews the shift performance while escalating issues and watch outs for the next shift.
  • SIM 3 is a 24 hour review of the lines which looks to rectify poor performance to support the next 24 hours.
  • SIM 4 reviews the weekly data and look to rectify bigger structural issues that cannot be sorted in the other SIM’s.

The PCS project has seen improvements in performance of the plants involved; since January we have seen a 22% improvement in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to run and do exercise but my big passion is football - I am a massive Nottingham Forest fan; I won’t say too much more about our recent promotion to the Premier League due to the large amount of Derby County fans on site!!!