Maxcare Cattle High Magnesium

Maxcare Cattle IF     Product Code 13263925     Pack Size 25kg

Maxcare Cattle FA     Product Code 13263935     Pack Size 25kg

High magnesium mineral containing IntelliBond Copper, ideal for dairy and suckler cows at risk of grass staggers during the spring and autumn.

Product application

Recommended feeding rate: 100-150g/head/day.

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  • Ideal for dairy and suckler cows at risk of grass staggers, especially during spring and autumn.
  • High magnesium concentration to help reduce the risk of grass staggers.
  • Copper sulphate free ; inclusion of IntelliBond Copper as a replacement for sulphate ensures that rumen function and that rumen function and NDF digestibility is optimised for milk production and to help support target body condition scores.
  • IntelliBond trace minerals; independent university research has shown IBC and IBZ to have 1.96 and 2.04 times greater relative bioavailability (RBV) when compared to inorganic sources of copper and zinc respectively. This helps to support fertility, immunity, and overall performance.
  • AOmix R provides the animal with extra antioxidant capacity to support performance during periods of high productive stress, such as during lactation.


  • Calcium 14.8%
  • Phosphorus -%
  • Magnesium 20%
  • Sodium 8%
  • Selenium
  • Cobalt
  • Iodine
  • IntelliBond Manganese
  • IntelliBond Zinc
  • IntelliBond Copper
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • AOmix R vitamin E equivalent

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