Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk S

Product Code 13462085 

Pack Size 20kg

Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk S has been designed to help lambs achieve their full growth potential. Energized Lamb Milk S is a precisely formulated skimmed milk based lamb milk replacer containing specially selected milk products, highly digestible oils and proteins plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing lambs.

Product application

Adequately mix Milkivit Energized Lamb Milk with water to provide
a dry matter content of 175 g (17.5%) per litre of milk

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  • Improved energy density to support optimum growth and achieve full potential
  • Optimal protein digestibility
  • Controlled osmolality, backed by LifeStart science
  • Careful mineral and vitamin supplementation


  • Oil 25.0%
  • Protein 22.5%
  • Ash 7.0%
  • Fibre 0.0%

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