Milkivit Energizer

Product Code 12642455     Pack Size 20kg

Energized Calf Milk has been developed with whole milk as the biological reference; the best of whole milk combined with the best of CMR.

Product application

Adequately mix Milkivit Energizer ECM with water to provide a dry matter content of 135 g (13.5%) per litre of milk

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  • 10% more metabolisable energy than conventional CMR - there are 2.9MJ of ME in 1 litre mixed at 135g/l
  • 20% less osmolality than conventional CMR - with an osmolality of 350 mOsm/kg, is the closest to the 330 mOsm/kg of cow's milk
  • Reformulated for elevated planes of nutrition to provide optimal development, resilience to disease and longevity
  • Compared to feeding whole milk it eliminates the risk of AMR
  • Compared to feeding whole milk the consistency of manufacture ensures safe feeding every time


  • Oil 25.0%
  • Protein 22.5%
  • Ash 7.0%
  • Fibre 0.0%

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