Milkiwean Precoce

Product Code 13090255     Pack Size 25kg

Milkiwean Precoce Liquid is the liquid prestarter that is given from day 7 after birth and ensures a smoother start of feed intake after weaning. The product includes high-quality milk products, carbohydrate sources and easily digestible fats and oils.

Milkiwean Precoce Liquid is extremely suitable for nursing piglets to absorb maximum feed, via manual feeding or via automatic feeding systems and cups, because of its composition, stability and viscosity.

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  • Improved feed intake 'before' weaning
  • Smoother start of feed intake after weaning
  • Increased feed intake immediately after weaning
  • Increased weight after weaning
  • Reduces mortality before weaning
  • Supports the condition of the sow
  • Contributes to a healthy intestinal system with well-developed villi

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