Good milk production, that’s what it’s all about! Good milk production, that’s what it’s all about!

Dairy cow performance

Farmers can influence the herd’s milk production performance by managing the feeding, housing and nurturing of cows, in order to get the best balance between yield and longevity. Trouw Nutrition will support you in reaching your milk production performance goals. 

Influencing cow milk production performance

Our NutriOpt Dairy model and extensive R&D knowledge makes it possible to influence milk, fat and protein production, resulting in products and services that are ready to use on farm and ensure effective diet management.

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Optimising lifetime daily yield

To optimise lifetime daily yield, it is important to focus on three key areas:

  • Age at first calving (LifeStart), preferably to fall between 22 and 24 months of age
  • Milk production (cow production potential): supporting the dairy cow’s adaptation to a lactating state without excessive metabolic stress
  • Longevity (animal health and welfare), with the aim of reducing early involuntary culling rates during the first 100 days in milk

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Feed, silage and total mixed rations management

To manage a cow’s nutritional intake, it is important to ensure predictable dry matter intake by providing high quality silage (through good conservation practices and preventing mycotoxin colonisation); avoid heating; and ensure proper mixing order and timing (avoid sorting).

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Our Ruminant team consists of:

Mark Hall - Technical Manager Ruminants

Alicia Wilson - Technical Sales Manager Feed Additives

Isabelle England - Technical Account Manager

Nacia Bonnick - Technical Advisor

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