Feeding for Lifetime Efficiency

Webinar 3: Feeding for lifetime efficiency, performance and sustainability

The survival of replacement calves and heifers, subsequent survival of lactating dairy cows in each lactation and the efficient conversion of feed into milk, all contribute to the environmental impact of dairy production. Recent research has shown that early life nutrition has long lasting effects on health and productivity in later life.

Topics will include an in-depth overview of the latest LifeStart research as well as a deeper dive into the economics of rearing replacement heifers.

Date: 12:30 - 14:00 hrs on Thursday, 31 March 2022

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Webinar Agenda

Trouw Nutrition GB / University of Nottingham LifeStart Webinar: Feeding for lifetime efficiency, performance and sustainability

  1. Introduction

  2. LifeStart Science Update - Leonel Leal, Team Lead - Calf and Heifer Research - Trouw Nutrition Research & Development

  3. Economics on farm - Dr Ginny Sherwin, University of Nottingham
    1. Targets – measuring and monitoring
    2. Numbers of heifers on farm
    3. Costs of different feeds
    4. Link to sustainability
  4. Farmer Experience - James Yeatman, Grange Farm, Dorset
  5. Speaker Q&A Panel

  6. Summary and Close

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