A healthy-looking group of calves, close to weaning A healthy-looking group of calves, close to weaning

Dairy calf health

Excellent calf health is the basis for good growth – and can be a serious challenge for farmers. From the start, it’s important to build immunity through the intake of colostrum. The first few days are crucial in determining the health and growth of a calf over its lifespan, so it is worth investing in better practices.

Managing colostrum for calves

Ensuring the proper intake of colostrum is important, because this milk is rich in antibodies, energy and other substances that give the calf’s health a boost right from the start. It is crucial to provide high-quality colostrum quickly and in a hygienic way.

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Managing Neonatal Diahrroea

Calf dehydration, mainly as a result of diarrhoea, is a major drain on dairy farm performance and is the biggest single cause of calf losses. The benefits of reducing the impact of dehydration can be considerable as it has a range of short-term and long-term consequences which affect profitability. 


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Calf health management

Managing health is of crucial importance for young calves. Most mortalities are related to diarrhoea, dehydration or respiratory problems, making this a serious challenge for farmers.

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Mineral Optimisation

As feeding strategies become more intensive, mineral optimisation becomes more important – in fact, they can demand a full reset of both the added minerals and the quality (no sulphates) to ensure calves get all the nutrition they need.

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